Non-Destructive Entry

We will always attempt to open locks without causing damage to the lock or door. With more and more sophisticated locks, we have to open locks by the best and efficient method, sometimes this is to destroy the lock.

The single most popular service we offer to residential customers is emergency locksmith solutions. People think this is just picking locks and drilling doors but this is just a part of what we offer. First Response Locksmiths can open jammed doors, repair dented UPVC and repair doors and windows after break ins. We carry everything we could ever need including an array of overnight locks so on the rare occasion we don’t have the right gearbox for your UPVC or composite door we will always leave your home safe and secure.

However every now and then our residential locksmiths in come across a door that we just can’t open in the more lock friendly manners we like. On these occasions our locksmiths carry equipment that can remove locks whilst the doors is locked without causing any damage to the door or handles.


Delivering the Best Security
to Our Clients